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"Creative Acoustic"

Hi, I'm Jesse! I've been teaching music for over a decade now, and I love it. I teach a variety of styles, always geared toward a players area of interest and background. One of my main focuses has always been on song learning - helping people crack the code to playing what they've heard. Almost everyone got their love for guitar because of a song or a riff they liked the sound of. Learning how to play those songs becomes a major driving force toward growing as a player as well as staying inspired. While that guitar book with 100 different songs and scales is good (I think), it sure isn't what made you want to play in the first place! When broken down, every song is actually full of techniques, that when isolated, become the building blocks for growth. In addition to song stuff, you'll also learn about: chord inversions, broken chords, finger-picking, melody creativity, rhythm, alternate tunings, dexterity, speed building exercises and more! For me, it's all about getting and staying inspired!


 1 hour $90

30 minute $45



 One-on-one video call up to 1 hour.

 Follow up email with lesson notes.  

 Get help throughout the week. Ask questions and get answers via email, within one day.  


 All cancellations must be submitted in writing within 24 hours prior to the lesson in order to receive a refund. 

** Prices in Canadian dollars **


Thank you!

jesse Wall

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