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"Creative Acoustic"

I teach a variety of styles, always catering towards the students area of interest & background. My teaching focus has always been on song learning, and includes a variety of techniques: chord inversions, broken chords, finger-style, melody creativity, rhythm, fingerpicking, alternate tunings, dexterity & speed building exercises etc...


What I love most about teaching are those "aha" moments with my students; when they suddenly get that riff, or learn that song that they have always wanted to play but could never get before. Those are the moments, I feel, that keep us inspired as artists, & moving forward out of passion for our craft.  I'd love to be part of that process with you.


I am accepting new students from beginner to advanced, on a limited basis. 


Ways to learn

- CUSTOM TAB CREATION Custom TAB creation of a song of your choosing. (Visit my TAB page to view a sample of my work.)

...price per full length tab $5 (CAN) **some exceptions apply for transcribing longer than average songs...CONTACT me for inquiries.**

- LESSON VIDEOS: Recorded instructional videos of your choice based on the song or technique you're wanting to learn.)

...price per lesson video: $70 (CAN) for full length song // $35 for single technique/riff video. 

- SKYPE LESSONS: One-on-one Skype sessions to answer any questions you have on techniques, tunings & song learning.

...price per 1 hour Skype session: $70 (CAN)

- LESSON VIDEO & SKYPE SESSION COMBO: A combination of 1 lesson video & 1 hour Skype session.

...price: $120 (CAN)


Skype lessons may be scheduled up to a month away from the time you contact me, due to my limited availability.  

To book any one of these lessons above please email me at: lessons@creativeacoustic.com or send me a message through my CONTACT page 

To cancel a lesson that you have booked, I will need 24 hours notice prior cancelling in order to give you a refund. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you hone your craft!

jesse Wall